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Tunghsu Kangtu Won the Award of "China's Good Photovoltaic 2020 Innovation Enterprise"

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Update time : 2020-11-15 14:27:00

November 15, 2020, the 5th China Photovoltaic Industry Development and Innovation Application Forum and the 2020 China Good Photovoltaic Brand Annual Ceremony were held in Beijing. With the theme of "reform and integration of safety and green", this conference focused on forward-looking topics such as photovoltaic policy, technological innovation, smart photovoltaic, photovoltaic industry chain, industry trends, and energy security, talk about the healthy development and future of the photovoltaic industry.

Tunghsu Kangtu was invited to attend the meeting and won the award of "China's Good Photovoltaic 2020 Innovation Enterprise" for its outstanding innovation ability and leading technology.

The "China Good Photovoltaic" Brand Award is one of the most influential brand awards in the photovoltaic industry.
, officially launched by the international energy network, an authoritative media in the energy industry, in 2016, aims to commend the annual outstanding enterprises in the photovoltaic industry and show the elegant demeanour of elite enterprises. To improve the brand image of enterprises and expand the brand influence of excellent enterprises; promote advanced innovative technologies and innovative models to promote orderly competition in the market; Enhance the overall competitiveness and influence of the industry.

As a productive entity based on the photovoltaic industry, Dongxu Kangtu has always focused on its main business since its establishment, market demand-oriented, customer-based, brand-based, take technological innovation as the driving force for development, and strive to improve the scientific and technological content of products. Through technological transformation, the company has built a large-scale, professional, automated, informatized, and intelligent high-efficiency photovoltaic module manufacturing base, and integrated the industry's leading photovoltaic module automation production equipment and assembly lines, transformation from manufacturing enterprises to intelligent manufacturing enterprises.

Since the 2020, in the face of the dual impact of the liquidity crisis and the new crown epidemic, Dongxu Kangtu has worked hard to overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic and the market, pooling superior research and development forces, relying on the industry's leading product research and development laboratory, insist on innovation. In the first quarter of this year, Dongxu Kangtu launched the 158.75 series of multi-main grid half-size components, and to achieve large-scale mass production, mass shipment, mass production power in the industry's high level. At the same time, in order to further respond to the demand for cost reduction and efficiency increase at the power station end, the company actively engaged in the development of a new generation of ultra-high power components, in the second quarter, has achieved the industry's mainstream 166 series multi-main grid half-chip assembly mass production, mass production power broke a new high, up to 500W.

Relying on a professional team, advanced technology, precision manufacturing, all-round quality control and high-end standards and other comprehensive advantages, the company in the photovoltaic module design, material testing import, photovoltaic reliability and safety are continuously improved to ensure the stability of module power generation, environmental adaptability and photoelectric conversion efficiency are at the leading level in the industry.

2020, enterprises have successively obtained "Energy Management System Certification", "PVBL Annual Photovoltaic Brand Excellence Supplier Award", "Municipal Industrial Design Center", "Anhui Province's First Batch of Pilot Enterprises for Integration of Production and Education", "Lu 'an City Technical Transformation Demonstration Project", "Anhui Province Green Factory" and many other honors.

Innovation is the foundation of enterprise development. Only through continuous innovation can enterprises maintain their youthful vitality forever. Dongxu Kangtu will adhere to the corporate philosophy of "being grateful, working hard, pragmatic and innovative, and pursuing excellence", and continue to make efforts in the field of photovoltaic modules, through continuous product innovation, technological innovation, and service innovation, provide more cost-effective products for domestic and foreign markets, and contribute to the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, innovation and upgrading, committed to "China's Good Photovoltaic".